China has deployed rocket-launchers on Fiery Cross Reef, a disputed reef in the South China Sea region reportedly to ward-off military combat divers from Vietnam. The Fiery Cross Reef is situated on the Spartly Islands in the
South China Sea, where the Asian economic giant has been carrying out extensive land reclamation work over the years. However, China said that the military installations will not exceed its necessary defence requirements.

The Turkish government and Washington local officials traded blame on Wednesday for violence outside the Turkey’s embassy, where President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s security staff broke up an anti-government protest. The
protesters were chanting anti-Erdogan slogans as he entered the embassy on Tuesday after meeting with President Donald Trump, Turkey’s official news agency reported.

Chelsea Manning, an intelligence analyst posted in Iraq a few years ago, was released on Wednesday after she spent seven years in prison for furnishing highly classified information of the United States to WikiLeaks. Manning,
who was found guilty and convicted by a U.S court-martial in 2013, had leaked around 7,00,000 documents and other key articles related to U.S diplomacy and defence to WikiLeaks.

NATO’s military committee head General Petr Pavel has said that it is time to consider joining actively the United States-led coalition battling with the Islamic State terror group in Syria and Iraq. NATO said that this issue
will be on top of its agenda when the 28 member states hold a meet next week in Brussels. U.S President Donald Trump has said in the past that the alliance needed to play a greater role in its war against terror.

Supporters of Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani and his hard-line rival Ebrahim Raisi gathered on the streets of Tehran in the final hours of campaigns in the Iranian presidential election on Wednesday evening. Rouhani, a moderate, is seeking re-election in a vote that will largely serve as a referendum on his outreach to the West, which culminated in the 2015 nuclear deal with world powers.