Iran witnessed a massive turnout in Friday’s Presidential election, requiring authorities to extend the voting deadline by two hours. Of the 56 million eligible voters in Iran, 20 million turned out to cast their ballot, according to the latest estimates. Presdient Hassan Rouhani, who won comfortably in the last polls, faces off hardline cleric Ebrahim Raisi this time in a tight election.

Reacting to the India-Singapore naval exercise in the South China Sea, China said it has an open attitude towards it. It said that it has no opposition to exchanges that benefit regional peace and security. India-Singapore is conducting a week-long exercise which will focus on anti-submarine warfare there. The South China Sea is highly disputed with China claiming islands and reefs in the region almost in its entirety.

North Korea has termed reports linking the WannaCry ransomware attack with Pyongyang as “ridiculous”. North korea’s deputy UN envoy said that it was the stereotype way for US and hostile forces to react. Meanwhile, It has emerged that a code appearing in earlier versions of WannaCry also appeared in programs used by the Lazarus group which many researchers have identified as a north korea hacking operation.