When Jeff Bezos launched Amazon.com in 1994, he gave himself a 30% chance of success, slightly better than the 1 in 10 odds for Internet start-ups.

And today, Bezos might be just a mere $5 billion from becoming the world’s richest man.

After purchasing Whole Foods and increasing his wealth by $1.8 billion, Bezos brought his overall net worth to $84.6 billion.

That’s $5 billion less than Bill Gates, who currently holds the title for the world’s richest man.

Bezos is focused on aggressively expanding Amazon, while Gates wants to give most of his money away.

The CEO is famous for his commitment to treating each day at Amazon as if the company is still in its start-up phase.

Bezos has recently hinted at his charitable interests. He posted on Twitter last week asking for ideas for a ‘philanthropic strategy’.

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