Diwali is just around the corner and the symbolic celebrations with firecrackers are a hot topic of debate. Although it’s a tradition that is millenia old but it’s choking our cities.

Has the time come to redefine how we celebrate Diwalis? Is it time we celebrated the festival of lights as a city together?

Here we look at the top 4 firework displays around the globe:

1. Sydney’s New Year celebrations top the list where the entire city assemble together and enjoy a beautifully lit night sky with fireworks on the eve of New Year.

2. New York City’s celebrations of 4th of July follows next on the list. The capital city of United States put up a flamboyant display of fireworks to celebrate the Independence Day of their country.

3. Another fantastic display of fireworks can be witnessed in Hong Kong when people of the city mark the Chinese New Year.

4. Dubai is not far behind when it comes to celebrating New Years as it set up a big firework party up in the sky on every 31st December of an year.