She is bold and beautiful, ready to take on issues and face criticism. Meet actress and director Lakshmy Ramakrishnan who is now a very popular face on the big screen and the small screen. In this candid interview with NewsX, she talks about how she came late into the world of cinema and the challenges she has faced since then.

“I have been a successful entrepreneur in Muscat and I entered the south film industry with an open mind,” says Lakshmy. Today, she talks about sexism and the issues women face in society across all classes and areas of life. “It’s not limited to just the film industry,” she asserts.

She started her acting career only after the age of 40 and today has gone on to direct three Tamil films. The actress also hosts the very popular show ‘Sollvathellam Unmai’ which deals with issues of the lower middle class.

With numerous awards in her kitty, the actress-director is gearing up to work in a film with Mammootty and working on her next directorial as well. What makes this talented lady such an efficient multi-tasker? Watch the interview to find out more.