Eager expectant faces, people lining up – on a weekday, for a store reopening. All this excitement is not to meet film star or a sports star but, a YouTube singing sensation. Her popularity seems so high that an American clothing brand has chosen her as a chief guest for their brand is not surprising – check this out she has with her songs – a mix of popular Hindi film songs and global hits – which has managed to get nearly 300 million views and has more than 3.5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel … she is one and only Vidya Vox.

Born in Chennai as Vidya Iyer – her family moved to the USA and she grew up in Virginia. She started learning Carnatic music at the age of five. Along with music her studies continued and she finished a university degree in Psychology, and then she met Shankar Tucker a composer, producer, musician and now a bandmate and they did their first video together. From then on, that is what Vidya decided she wanted to do – make music full-time and professionally. And Vidya Iyer became Vidya Vox. After staying in Mumbai for a year to learn Hindustani classical music, as well as western vocals she went back and made debut with mashup songs videos – and the rest is YouTube history.

Her songs and voice were so very well received that she even got a shout out from the likes of Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan, one of the singers for Major Lazer, Diplo on Twitter. Her most popular mash-up clocked in over 55 million views in just 7 months. Vidya’s songs seamlessly mix the English pop songs with the Hindi and Tamil songs. Her mash ups fuse so well that sometimes it is easy to forget that there are two separate songs in the equation. The incredibly smooth integration is quite like her reality – and is her desire to marry her two worlds – and create an Indo-Western identity. Her videos are shot simple but the sound, the songs and most of all her voice is what has connected her directly to her fans – without any music company or huge PR.

Along with bringing together western and Indian musical styles, Iyer also very unique styles herself in a way that unites both Western and Indian elements. Iyer does all her video styling herself has as much of a fan following as her music itself. Now having settled in and having a fan following slowly one gets to see Vidya collaborating with other US-based artists Jomy George, Rashi Kulkarni, Roginder Momi, Ricky Jatt, Casy breves and Rohan Kymal. From using two pop songs for the mashup to now releasing her original songs – Vidya Vox has taken the next step. Currently touring India to promote her EP she spelt out her future plans.