He is an actor but more importantly, a dermatologist and cosmetologist.Celebrities flock to Dr Sethu Raman but so do young men and women who want to look good and feel confident. “The beauty industry is booming in Asia and especially India,” says Dr Sethu Raman. “Today, I have so many young patients who want to come for a variety of treatments and resolve skin problems.”So what kind of issues do people approach him for? “Many people have scars on their face and want that removed. Women are also into a lot of laser hair removal, Botox and fillers. However, Botox is not just a drug for beauty but it has many important medical uses. It’s really a wonder drug,” explains Dr. Sethu Raman.However, he has some advice for people flocking to cosmetologists. “Don’t get carried away by the discounts and offers you see in ads. People need to be careful – make sure the doctor is qualified to do the procedure. Even if you are paying more, safety is more paramount. The skill of the doctor is what matters in cosmetology. There are patients who go to a doctor and then come to me to fix the problem,” adds Dr Sethu Raman.Hair transplants are another common procedure that people want to get done.In Chennai last year, a young man died as the procedure went wrong due to a lack of anaesthetist. “Hair transplants must be done with a qualified doctor and an anaesthetist. This procedure is not simple and people shouldn’t take it lightly. People can be allergic to anaesthesia and they wouldn’t even know,” he cautions. Despite the cautions he issues, people walk away with more confidence and self-esteem post any procedure he says. “They feel good about themselves,” he smiles.In this chat with NewsX, Dr Sethu Raman talks beauty, different procedures,

what people should think about before they opt for a procedure and much more.