Max Hospitals deliver world-class healthcare services and its Max India Foundation is providing health care to the underprivileged and needy, spreading health awareness in an eco-friendly environment. Committed to giving the needy access to the best treatment, care, and support – the foundation launched in 2008 is centred on the theme of life. Its well-intentioned initiatives are focused on underprivileged people as the foundation works in the areas of health to make a dent in India’s massive health care burden and make a difference in life.Delivering healthcare in a portable, convenient and cost-effective way max India Foundation is providing a 360-degree solution to address health concerns for the underprivileged. And to maximize its outcome the MIF has synergized engagement with key stakeholders like people from lower socioeconomic strata, health experts, and local NGOs.

Rann Bhoomi Foundation run by Suren Parasher ‘s goal is to prevent and control Hepatitis B and ensure a healthy life for a community. For MIF Rann Bhoomi is a perfect fit as India according to UNICEF till 2016 – accounts for the largest number of children 7.4 million – who are not immunized against MMR, Typhoid, DPT and hepatitis-B. To close the immunization gap and to complement Govt’s mission ‘Indradhanush’ – MIF conducts immunization program in Rann Bhoomi.