It’s a NewsX-Sunday guardian exclusive -Deepak Talwar – the aviation lobbyist who was extradited to India from UAE – is likely to spill the beans on links with several UPA leaders. We have learnt that links of Deepak Talwar and Rajiv Saxena with top UPA politicians are being probed on a war footing by the enforcement directorate. Talwar became a management representative for foreign airlines to the UPA government. It is said that UPA minister was very close to him and a long-time friend, and is said to have helped him strike several deals. He is being probed for his suspicious links with aircraft manufacturer airbus and its subsidiaries. It is alleged that Talwar was the main middleman for airbus in getting a deal for the supply of several aircrafts. It’s is alleged he used funds from airbus to construct a five-star hotel in Delhi. Meanwhile Rajeev Saxena is also being probed for his complicity in the Agusta Westland deal.