New Delhi: Is India really growing at 7.6 %? Many people think it’s a Jumla – an empty promise. Let’s take a look at what experts feel. Experts feel that power and infrastructure sectors haven’t really seen growth in the last decade or so.
As far as providing low cost power to consumers is concerned, experts also feel this could be a problem for the sector as the race for providing low cost power affects the sector negatively. The fact that power is a state subject has prompted many to say that the leadership shown by the central government is welcome, even though in the end it has to be executed by the state governments to implement any reforms.
Let’s take a look at the experts and their views:
Jagdish Khattar (Jagdish Khattar – MD, Carnation India): It takes 2-3 years for any industry to set-up… We should give it time to flourish.
Harsvardhan Neotia (President FICCI):  India’s GDP may create jobs but for it, both public and private sector should create jobs.
GVL Narsimha Rao (National Spokesperson, BJP): We need to understand where the challenges lie…. 40% hike in FDI has been done till now but it will take some time to create better quality jobs. 
PN Vijay (BJP) There is much more happening right now.
Sanjeev S. Ahluwalia (Advisor Observer Research Foundation): The longer out you go, it’s difficult to predict. There are some risks also.
Som Mittal (Former President, NASSCOM):  There is a lot of automation happening. Let business do its work. Start-up initiative is a very good one… there is a missionary zeal with which it gets implemented.
Manoj Jha (RJD spokesperson) Somehow this government has not walk the talk
Sambit Patra (BJP): We have been doing things. Exports has been witnessing bump. Black money is already under scrutiny.
Saugata Roy (Trinamool Congress MP, Lok Sabha):  I have no mechanics to calculate GDP…  Black money is a big issue.
Dinesh Gundu Rao (food processing minister, Karnataka government) : India is in distress, economy is in distress. India is facing a challenge.
Gurcharan Das (Economist): We rather have a lucky Prime Minister. Job creation is slow in this country and this country is adding to the labour force every year.
Santosh Mehrotra (Professor of Economics):  We need to create jobs but we should not lose sight.


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