New Delhi: Decoding the Union Budget 2016-17 for the common man, we bring you a list of things that will be more expensive and a few things that will cost less. Take a look:
Were you planning to buy that dazzling piece of jewellery? You’d have to get deeper pockets for the same as Budget 2016 is going to pinch you.  
Beauty Parlour Visits
It’s not just Jewellery but your habit of paying a visit to beauty parlours will also make you think twice as it’s going to cost a bit more for your weekend beautification regimes.
Branded Clothes
Looking sassy and hip will require a deeper monetary connection as branded clothes get more expensive after Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s Budget 2016.  
Buying cars will also mean shelling out more. A long drive in that gleaming SUV is going to cost more.
Eating Out/Entertainment
With a hike in service tax, eating out and going to movies, concerts and comedy shows will be costlier for the taxpayers.
Phone Bills
Talking over the phone endlessly to exchange gossip or any other details will be dearer
With an aim to make the country healthier, tobacco products except Beedis will be more expensive. Get ready to shell out more as service tax has been increased from 14. 5 % to 15%.  We can hear yours lungs saying ‘Thank You’
Dialysis Equipment
The one thing that is going to be cheaper is dialysis equipment, bringing a cheer to the medical fraternity and patients seeking a respite from the absurdly expensive procedure.

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