This week on Cover Story, we take a look at controversies’ favourite game – IPL.
Ever since its inception, IPL has made headlines not just for cricket but more so for controversies, scams and alleged corruption.
All high and mighty team owners of the original eight franchises are under the IPL jinx. So what makes IPL a jinxed game?
Is it the heady mix of glamour and power that makes IPL a game that both entices and entraps? Or is it crony capitalism leading to corruption and malpractices?
Cover Story brings the story of ‘The IPL Jinx’ and how it has claimed its victim – from Saharasri to Vijay Mallya, from Bollywood stars like Shilpa Shetty and Preity Zinta to Mukesh Ambani.
With expert voices of authors Alam Srinivas and Shantanu Guha Ray and columnist Pradeep Magazine, we decode all that’s wrong with IPL.
The eminent panel also includes Business World Consulting Editor Pranjal Sharma, Image Guru Dilip Cherian and senior journalist Sandeep Bamzai who discuss The IPL curse with NewsX senior executive editor Priya Sahgal.