This week, the NewsX Sunday Guardian Roundtable asks should celebrities be liable for the products they endorse. The immediate peg for this is Capt MS Dhoni being hauled up by the public for advertising for Amrapali Real Estate.
The angry public held him responsible for non delivery of their flats by the real estate firm. Should Dhoni performed due diligence before he endorsed the product? How liable are the celebrities for the stuff they advertise? What does the law say? And is there any relief for home buyers from defaulting builders what are their options?
The panel of experts includes Shivani Wazir a former Miss India, an actor and a compeer, Amir Singh Pasrich a commercial lawyer and managing partner ILA Pasrich & Co. Bejon Misra Consumer Policy Expert and Ira Trivedi,Author. The show is anchored by Priya Sahgal, Snr Exec Editor, NewsX.