Journalist turned author Sreemoyee Piu Kundu is single and has just turned 40 but what perhaps is more significant is the fact that her latest book ‘Status Single’ which gives voice to the issues that single women in India go through. Having spoken to 3000 women across India, Sreemoyee brings out the different facets of singledom for women in India – unmarried, divorced, abandoned, single moms, women with disabilities and those from the LGBTQ community as well. ‘Status Single’ has liberal doses of real-life stories giving us an insight into the lives of so many women whose voices are straining to be heard.

In this exclusive chat with Latha Srinivasan of NewsX, Sreemoyee talks about why she decided to put together the first non-fiction book on single women which contains her own personal experiences too. “Every time I visit the gynecologist, I am advised to get married and my mom is constantly asked why she hasn’t gotten me married,” she says. “Patriarchy is strongly entrenched in our society. I have met prospective grooms who have told me that journalists are ‘fast chicks’! It is ‘coupledom’ that is celebrated in our country and not ‘singledom’.

“Being alone is seen as sad.”Sreemoyee says the most backlash she has faced for the book has been from women themselves and not men. “Women seem to find objection to a lot of issues raised in this book,” she says adding, “Perhaps it’s their insecurities coming to the forefront.” She urges women to help empower others and says that we need to educate our girls to be strong and make a life for themselves. Many single urban women above the age of 30 can relate to the issues she has highlighted. Watch the interview find out more about the book and why the issues of single women need to be addressed by women themselves.