Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi on no-confidence vote Want to break PM’s ‘maun vrat’ on Manipur:

8 August, 2023 | Anupam Shrivastava

Gaurav Gogoi National

Highlighting that the PM Modi had chosen silence within the Parliament, Gaurav Gogoi indicated that the opposition was compelled to present the motion in order to "break his silence."

Commencing in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday, the discussion regarding the no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government was initiated by Congress leader Gaurav Gogoi.

Gaurav Gogoi emphasized that the I.N.D.I.A. opposition coalition introduced the no-confidence motion for the cause of Manipur, aiming for justice. He stated, “We find ourselves compelled to bring forward the no-confidence motion. This endeavor is not solely about numbers, but about pursuing justice for Manipur. The motion expresses the absence of confidence in the Government, presented by I.N.D.I.A. for the sake of Manipur. The state demands justice,” Gogoi articulated.

Highlighting that the Prime Minister had chosen silence within the Parliament, Gaurav Gogoi indicated that the opposition was compelled to present the motion in order to “break his silence.”

“Why has he refrained from visiting Manipur until now? Why did it require nearly 80 days for him to address the matter of Manipur, and when he finally did, it was a mere 30 seconds? Why hasn’t the Manipur Chief Minister been relieved of his position?” Gaurav Gogoi questioned.

Earlier in the day, Congress chief whip K Suresh revealed that Rahul Gandhi, whose status as a Lok Sabha MP was reinstated a day prior, would be the one to commence the discussion on the no-confidence motion.

According to reliable sources, a 12-hour window has been allocated for the discussion. The ruling BJP will be given roughly seven hours for participation, while the Congress party will be granted approximately one hour and 15 minutes.

Additionally, YSRCP, Shiv Sena, JDU, BJD, BSP, BRS, and LJP will collectively have two hours, allotted proportionally based on their respective MPs in the House. Moreover, other parties and independent MPs will have a combined total of 1 hour and 10 minutes for their contributions.

The debate concerning the no-confidence motion against the BJP-led government is taking place on August 8 and 9 in the Lok Sabha, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi anticipated to provide a response on August 10.

Since the commencement of the monsoon session of Parliament on July 20, opposition members have sought discussions under Rule 267 in the Rajya Sabha.

The Manipur region has experienced upheaval over the past three months, triggered by clashes between two tribal communities, Meities and Kukis. This unrest was ignited when the Manipur High Court called upon the state government to consider granting Scheduled Tribe status to one of the communities.

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