“Want to see this whole world through water”: Meenakshi Pahuja

30 July, 2020 | newsx bureau

Meenakshi Pahuja Sports

In an interview with Neev Goswami, world renowned International Open Water Swimmer Meenakshi Pahuja, talks about her success, her challengers, and herself.

Open Water International Swimmer Meenakshi Pahuja who also know as ‘The Unsinkable Woman’ and ‘Jal Pari’ too won many international medals. By profession she’s a swimmer and Lady Shri Ram College’s Assistant Professor too. She has many coveted titles under her belt. She is national medalist for eleven times. Limca book record holder thrice and many more.

Q1. What are your future plans specifically?

Ans. My biggest dream is actually to see this whole world through water and want to explore more and more open water bodies. Due to covid and lockdown my California swim got dismissed. Now on a fresh note I want to do my research and then I will go somewhere for more adventure. In coming few months I will disclose this too.

Q2. Tell us about those five lakes that you swim just in five days?

Ans. So I became the first Indian who swim five lakes just in five days. Name of the challenge was ‘Tex Robertson High Land Lakes Challenge’ in 2010. And the name of those lakes are as follow Lake Buchanan, Inks Lake, Lake LBJ, Lake Marble Falls and Lake Travis.

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Q3. How you manage your swimming and your profession too?

Ans. Its quite challenging as a professor you can’t get those long time period leaves for the open water swimming. As I am in the profession of teaching since eighteen years. So as an assistant professor I give my time to my students as well as I find suitable time to go for the open water swimming.

Q4. What challenges you face during the open water swimming?

Ans. Various amount of challenges you face such as you should ‘acclimatize’ yourself with the water conditions. Then ‘marine life’ another scary factor while you swimming in the home of aquatic animals. Then ‘endurance’ you need a lot. And the last one is which is basic and important to ‘mental strength’ that you can do this.

Q5. Being a Delhite how you prepare yourself for the Oceans?

Ans. Now I am very much prepare myself through my experience. Because you body needs to understand the temperature of the water , surrounding, climate everything. In swimming pool you have luxury the water is actually fit for your body temperature. But in open water swimming you are witnessing extremely cold water too.

Q6. Why you never think to swim in lane there in Olympics?

Ans. I was a champion in pool national games three consecutive times. I was at the peak of my career that time. But my father had minimum sources. That time my father wanted me to have secured future. After all we all need bread and butter at the end of the day.

Q7. Your weird or scary experience till now?

Ans. I was there in Murshidabad (West Bengal) and racing with a ‘dead body’. My father was there on the scout boat and banging his head. That time I realised I am racing with a dead person whom I thought was my competitor.

Q8. When you have introduced with the ‘Open Water Swimming’ ?

Ans. I was of six months old baby that time my parents introduced me to this adventurous sport. Since from that time I won many medals and prizes. And the whole credit goes to my parents.

Q9. Comment on swimming in India. What do you think?

Ans. In India swimming as a sport not developed but swimmers individually develop a lot. Today here are more sources and money grabbing opportunities too. Swimming in India is like ‘Work on Progress’.

Q10. If you were not a swimmer what would you be? Ans. I never think of this. But yes if I was not a swimmer definitely I work for the people especially those who are needy.

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