Warships sent to SSC by Canada and Britain: Global powers against China?

6 March, 2021 | newsx bureau

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To counter China, Britain and Canada have sent their warships to the South China Sea, amid the rising tensions.

As tensions are escalating with China, Britain and Canada have sent their warships to the South China Sea with the aim of countering China. Britain’s Defense Ministry commented that a multinational task force that is centered on the 65,000 tonnes aircraft would be arriving in South-east Asia between April and China. On the other hand, the Royal Canadian Navy had passed through the Taiwan Strait last month whereby the Chinese media had repeatedly warned that countries should be working towards the improvement of diplomatic relations through trade and investment rather than the provocation of problems between regional states. 

The hypocrisy is evident when Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau had not felt the necessity to question China’s actions but worked hand in hand to send the warships. Group Captain V.N.Jha believes that this a significant development for Global Affairs. Mr.Jha stated that 6-7 months back, China had been threatening Taiwan of dire consequences when the USA stepped in by sending its warships in the South China Sea. The USA would be integrating the Royal Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, the aim been the preservation of freedom at the Seas. It was under the USA’s leadership that all the Quad Members for a joint exercise had been called. India had played a pivotal role in sending its warship that had maintained its presence in the South China Sea for sometime. The countries had been successful in achieving their adjective. 

China had even threatened the USA for ammunitions and aircrafts which were to be supplied in the Taiwanese Strait which compelled the latter to deploy its troops there. Yet, it cannot be denied that after the Biden administrations has taken over, military alliances have been established in the Indo-Pacific. Not only that, the USA has initiated an Action of the Radar and Missile Based deployment into the Indo-Pacific, a very recent development that has taken place. The Quad members  have been requested to come forward for the formation of a Security Alliance. 

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China which has been threatening with its missiles has received a setback when naval presence of the USA, Britain, Canada and India with its warships conveyed a strong message. It will have to pay a heavy price if she does not understand the meaning of this alliance. The extension of this membership to Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia is necessary because of the equal stake they hold in the South China Sea and also because of the presence of China that is perceived as a threat to these fellow countries. 

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