Thursday, November 30, 2023

We are trying to integrate skills with the curricular requirement: Amit Kapoor

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Amit Kapoor is the founder of the ed-tech company, Eupheus Learning. The new-age company provides solutions to bridge the gap between in-class and at-home learning. We hosted Amit for an insightful interview for our special series, NewsX India A-List. Below are the excerpts from the interview:

We opened the interview by asking Amit about the vision that powers Eupheus Learning. Amit responded by decoding the etymology behind the brand’s name and said, “‘Eupheus’ is a Greek word that stands for the willingness to learn and that also showcases our philosophy of willingness to learn, integrate and take the students of India into the 21st century by unlearning what we have been doing for long and adopting the new normal.”

Explaining to the viewers about the approach his company uses to achieve their goal, Amit told us, “We are an ed-tech company. The intention has been how can we integrate what has been taught inside the classroom into what a student learns at home. Now, if you look at it, a lot of times, there are two distinct silos – whatever is being taught in the classroom… and there is a disconnect between what actually happened in the classroom.”

He continued, “A parent, or a consumer company, would try to help that out, not knowing what’s happening in the classroom… Our intention has been to integrate both solutions together, have one platform where we can empower a teacher inside a classroom.” Eupheus Learning believes that one teacher is able to create an impact for several thousand students. Moreover, he said, “In this interplay, from a school distribution perspective, we don’t want to do everything on our own. If we can have like-minded partners from across the world joining hands with us, we provide access to 20,000 schools today.”

Our next question to Amit was about what sets Eupheus Learning apart from the other ed-tech platforms, to which he replied, “The USP is more about offering that convenience to a school. Parents, teachers, and students have a very large catalogue of solutions, which they can pick and choose from.” Explaining further, Amit said, “A school gets to choose Maths, Science, English – or any subject area – where we will provide a solution which not only is in alignment with CBSE or ICSE, on top of it, skills related to that subject are also integrated.”

Giving some examples about how Eupheus Learning’s solutions make learning a wholesome and engaging experience, Amit told us about the skill development tools the company provides for particular subjects. “For Computer Science, coding; for Maths, manipulatives; for English, a spoken English software to improve pronunciation of kids,” he said. He further added, “What we are trying to do is integrate skills along with the curricular requirement so that it becomes engaging, and the learning outcomes far superior compared to a normal curriculum offline.”

“We have launched a ‘school operating system.’ A single platform where schools can conduct live classes. Everything is automated. So, for example, attendance is automatically registered when kids attend the class,” said Amit while telling us how his company’s solutions help all the stakeholders of a school. He also said, “Communication with parents is happening via the same platform. Homework, tests, assignment, content consumption is happening on the same platform.”

Watch the full interview here:

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