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We ask and discuss 9 important and fundamental questions from Pirbod

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What are the skills you learned that helped you in your professional singing?

I have been a student of Rahmat Vatandost for two years since 1990, and I learned the piano very, very professionally, in a very classical way, and then I was a student of Sarang for two years. I am working in the Faculty of Music and they are exempted under the supervision of Professor Meysam.

What made you choose music for your activity?

Music itself has come a long way and the service it should do to you and be a tool for dignity and people and creating happiness for people has come a long way and I wanted different and light music that is taken from Bita and Western base and the use of original Iranian music instruments. And to combine the two, to have the style to do social responsibility and to spend all the proceeds from artistic activities and the release of involuntary crime prisoners on female-headed households, so that I can really instill the right to music and society and show that music can be a factor in promoting the community to improve the community and to help the community and help to get better and help people and each other.


Please explain in which category of readers you put yourself

Honestly, I consider myself an Iranian singer who has a great interest in original and traditional Iranian music, but as you know, young people have a weak connection with Iranian traditional music and Iranian musical instruments, but because people are still interested in traditional music, I decided to combine the style. You can see it in my new boat music.

What do you think is your best and most excellent music?

I consider boat music to be the best performance of my profession. First, this music is not similar and your service is offered, which was very well received by the people, and this can be my best music performance, but with later music (eyes) with the help of composer and arranger. I invented it, it will be heard more and maybe it will be lightened, maybe other singers will use it. 


Is it hard for you to stay away from family and home in the music business?

‏Human life depends on having a goal if successful. If you choose your goal, you will experience it before success, and this sweetness will make you go through every difficulty and life in this way. And being away from my family is the hardest thing anyone can do to achieve their goals. I lost my father, my sister and my brother and now I live with my mother. My goal is to reach the concert and finally perform the mission of music and release the prisoners of unintentional crimes with the income from artistic activities. I endure every hardship and in this way, I thank my mother who has always encouraged and helped me. More willing and determined to walk this path


How do you define or describe the music you make?

I have to tell you something that I do exactly the opposite. And when I write a page that most of my people or people in my area are involved and this is involved, I sit down and see what it is like, for example, about the sea, the sunset alone, so if about the sea Let’s admit. The fact is that the boat was an example of this music. Look at this music and I try to sing this music with simplicity and for all the people in the community who, for example, may not have a technical voice and are not able to write or play any technique, I sing it in a very simple way that everyone Can whisper describe and link the third find a common point in comprehensive pain fourth find it in two common points and the subject of natural factors may be the mountain may be the sea may be the star may be the eyes may be tears that the next music is the name of the smile My eyes are drawn to this very subject, and my fifth service is to present the simplicity of music that everyone can whisper, and the sixth is that I can communicate with all the audiences of every single person who contacts me. So that I can present this to the people.


What is your favourite musician and song in all respects?

‏Modern Talking. I love it and I listened to it since I was a child and I wish that one day I might be able to present music like this group to people with music and Iranian musical instruments inspired by Modern Talking and I could implement it in some way, but Modern Talking. I really like that I still listen and I think this band was a miracle in the history of pop music and the West and ‏its fans and I still listen to this band and the fans of this band too.


How do you get inspired while working and get it done?

Honestly, it depends on the situation. I try when I am not really in a good mood because of the working conditions of the community, family problems, I am not really in a good mood and I get upset and it is very sad. The best melodies inspire me the best and I try to digest this music and create it with the same honesty and honesty, and it is interesting to know that exactly my best songs that have been made so far have been from this atmosphere.


What do you think about social media? Have you noticed its effects on music?

I use social media like Instagram, Spotify and other existing media as a bridge to connect with my audience/fans/musicians/target community or anything related to me. And it gives me a shortcut and allows you to have the highest and most communication with your target audience and community at the lowest possible cost, and thank God I was able to work and communicate very well with the audience with musicians and musicians. To have. The target community and the media made my music heard even in neighbouring countries such as Afghanistan, Russia, Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan, Qatar, UAE, and I thank these good media and I hope to be able to interact with the media in the near future. Thank you to the media for providing an environment for interviews and conversations. So that we can talk to the audience both inside and outside. And I would love to have so much more connection with social media that I can be through more contacts and communication

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