We have limited quality shooting ranges in India: Gauri Sheoran

1 July, 2020 | newsx bureau

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International 25m Pistol Shooter Gauri Sheoran get candid about Tokyo Olympics 2021, her training routine and how she deals with failures

Every sport has its own challenges and every sport is unique itself. A very well known game of ‘Shooting’ has its own challenges as well. To get to know this game bit more close we indulged in a conversation with an International Shooter Gauri Sheoran. Gauri excels her shooting in 25m Air Pistol Category. She even bags 26 international medals. Her inspiration and motivation is her brother and the ‘Fastest Man on the Earth’ Usain Bolt. She has started shooting while she was in 6TH standard and then from there to here she break all the myths and norms too. ‘The Sharp Shooter ‘believes in doing out of the league things and believe to break ‘Orthodox’ thinking too. And now she is aiming for the podium finish in Olympics once she will win its trial. So lets get personal with Gauri to know her more in the context of her sport.

Q. How you deal with the pressure of ‘Tokyo Trials’ ?

Ans. There is always a pressure in the back of your mind because everyone has an expectation from you. So in this situation you need to think about your preparations instead of thinking about the result you will get. And you really working hard you end up with a good result. So keep focusing on the process other than destination.

Q. What is your training routine for Olympic Trials ?

Ans. For the Olympic Trials I am actually working on the various factors i.e., mental, physical, nutrition, sleep, training. So equally I am working on all these factors. So in this your coach plays an important role because he/she only rectifies you on every moment. And I also prefer ‘quality training over quantity’. Usually 3 hours in a day enough for me. And I also train myself only 5 days a week.

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Q. Due to ‘Pandemic’, Olympics shifts to the next year. Did this impact you and your training too?

Ans. This is what you need to accept. Now we have whole one year to get stronger and better. Because in shooting you have such a packed schedule. At this time we are not playing any matches or tournament, so we can use this time to work more over our mental strength. And mental strength you need a lot in a sport like shooting.

Q. How you work on your mental strength which plays a vital role in a sport especially like shooting?

Ans. I usually do ‘Yoga’ three times in a week and ‘Meditation’ on daily basis. Because this is quite important to make your hold your nerves for the under pressure situation while you are playing for a crucial point.

Q. How you overcome or just move on from your failures ?

Ans. Obviously, its tough to overcome from your failure. Because you know your worked harder and don’t get the results. You know that you gave everything to this like physically and mentally both. So at this time you feel like that I am giving everything to this still I can’t get what I actually want to achieve. In this situation you have to use self-motivation therapy where you need to praise yourself in accordance for your earlier achievements. Here family plays a vital role to take you out from the dark phase of your life.

Q. How your are preparing yourself for the upcoming rivalry with Rahi Sarnobat and Chinki Yadav in the trials for Olympics?

Ans. I think instead of competing anyone you should compete with yourself. So you can’t work over anyone strategies what is in your hand you can work over that only and that is your own game.

Q. Where India is lacking in sport facilities if you compare it with other countries?

Ans. We have limited quality shooting ranges in our county and that is Delhi, Pune and Kerla only. We need to make small-small ranges in every corner of the country. So that’s how more shooter go there and train themselves. Because to go abroad and a get a training there is not an affordable option for many.

Q. Birmingham Commonwealth Games excludes shooting. Was this a shock for you ?

Ans. It was very shocking for me. If they are hosting all the events why they excluded shooting from it. Every sport they need to prioritize equally. But as India is going for conducting shooting that is a very big and positive more in any aspect.

Q. What will your dream to achieve after winning a medal in Olympics ?

Ans. One thing that I really want to have after winning a medal in Olympics so that is something in ‘Fashion’. Right now as I am having some free time so I am doing online courses related to it. Actually I an really into fashion. So, after that Olympic medal my aim is to pursue fashion. Though shooting is a part of my life it cannot be my life.

Q. If you were not a shooter what would you be?

Ans. Might be possible something related to the fashion. It would be anything a Designer, Stylist or a Model even though.

Q. Are you excited or nervous for the Olympic Trials ?

Ans. Right now emotions are mixed so well all together. I am excited and nervous at the same time. It is an opportunity for me to win the trials and then move towards the Olympics. Because Olympics is a dream for any athlete which they want to live atleast once.

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