10 Most Haunted Places In Singapore

Old Changi Hospital

The hospital was constructed to support the British soldiers, but Japanese troops used it for prisoners of war. The screams and moans of those prisoners are still audible.

Changi Old Beach House

Many visitors have reported violence there and have left the beach house with scars. It was the place where the conspicuous Sook Ching Massacre had taken place.

Pasir Ris Tower

Known as the suicide tower, the locals and ghost hunters claim to sight people there who got strange vibes, which stopped them from their ghost searching expeditions.

German Girl Shrine

Around the first world war the British troops detained a German family from which a girl escaped and was found dead. This place has makeup items and the girl is symbolized by a female doll kept at the altar.

Amber Beacon Tower

This tower is believed to be possessed by the spirit of a young woman who was murdered brutally with her boyfriend. She was gang-raped and then stabbed to death by a gang of thugs.

Bukit Brown

After the government attempted to modify it, disturbed spirits started getting sighted and moaning sounds started becoming prevalent. The ghosts even started visiting their descendants in their dreams too.

Tanglin Hill Brunei Hostel

This place is popular for its weird and strange vibes. A lot of people and photographers have visited the place and experienced the unusual.


There’s a tale about how one of the recruits had his intestines spilled out next to him and how he is still believed to be roaming out there.

Haw Par Villa

It is believed that the villa is one of the doors of hell, and the statues are in fact real humans covered in wax.

Choa Chu Kang Cemetery

The taxi drivers claimed to carry many passengers to the cemetery where they vanished right before their eyes.