10 Travel Photography Tips!

Get a camera that feels great in your hand and one lens. Bigger the camera the less likely you are to use it as often.

Know your camera

You will take lots of photos, not because its the best camera, but because its always either around your body or in your hand.

Take your camera everywhere

Roam around when scouting places out, go back there when the time or light is right. Make mental or visual notes, so that you can easily recall potential locations.

Get lost

It’s worth checking dates, and times of national holidays, or cultural events. This can greatly affect ticket, hotels price and availability.

Plan ahead

Don’t be afraid to smile, and be curious. Learn a few words of the local language that will delight most people. Engage be friendly.

Ask stupid questions

If you’re travelling with a friend or family member, let them know that you are busy with your photography at certain times. Times like sun up or sun down.

Protect your time

Try to book a hotel or accommodation near to where you want to go. It can be tricky to balance your budget doing this, but its worth doing if you can.

Stay close

Choose a great location and go there early. Much the same can be said for sunsets too, especially the blue hour.

Get up early, or stay up late

Use high-capacity, reliable memory cards and regularly back up your images to external drive or cloud storage

Storage for images

Some countries are safer than others. Be aware of local laws, and general safety before you go.

Be safe, have fun