Sunita Williams: Space Journey

- An American astronaut of Indian-Slovenian descent - Born- September 19, 1965, in Euclid, Ohio, USA,

- Renowned for her career as a NASA    astronaut - Known for her extended duration   spaceflights and numerous spacewalks

- Began her career with NASA in 1998 - She completed her training in 2000, 0qualifying her for technical assignments within NASA - Flew her first space mission in 2006

- Joined NASA for space exploration, desiration towards scientific research  - Stands as pioneering figure in exemplifying courage  

- Through her extensive training in aviation and naval careers, coupled with her education in engineering and commitment to excellence helped her to became an Astronaut

- Spent a total of 127 days aboard the ISS, contributing to scientific research - Researched such as biology, physics, and materials science

- Recognized for honors and awards which includes- NASA Space Flight Medal and the Navy Commendation Medal  -Contributed to inspire future generations of astronauts and scientists

- Sunita Williams and Butch Wilmore's Boeing Starliner spacecraft was originally projected to carry out its mission for a few days - Currently, The two have been seemingly stuck in space for three weeks and counting