Wednesday, November 29, 2023

What makes Sunny Nehra the top Ethical Hacker of India

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When it comes to the question of top ethical hacker in India, undoubtedly, it’s Sunny Nehra. Most of ethical hackers are generally limited to finding bugs or loopholes in websites having bug reward programs, bugs sufficient enough to just get some bucks or bounty that too mostly using some common scripts or payloads and common methods viral in the InfoSec community. The least of these hackers bother to go out-of-the-box to try some real hard testing stuff. Apart from being a Web App Penetration Tester or Bug Hunter who has found vulnerabilities in many top IT giants, many leading banks and payment systems, many government websites and much more, Sunny Nehra takes more interest in testing core sophisticated infrastructures. In fact, many of the tech persons follow Sunny to get updates and understanding of the latest crucial infrastructures related hacks that are going on in cyberspace. This keen interest of him in understanding how important IT infrastructures can be exploited, testing those for vulnerabilities and helping out to fix those can be attributed to his being a pro nationalist, dedicated to securing the crucial infrastructure of our nation.

Apart from finding vulnerabilities in systems Sunny has top level expertise and holds top level certifications in Digital Forensics, Cyber Security, Networking and many other IT domains. When it comes to Digital Forensics, Reverse Engineering, Cyber Training, cracking sophisticated cyber cases, building new tools to track and mentor the accused or suspected targets and in all sort of technical help, he is the first choice of many of top law enforcement agencies and specialized police units. Because of his unique skills he is a technical analyst and forensic investigator in many of the highlighted and top cases being handled by top law enforcement.

Apart from this he has incredible skills when it comes to creating and using OSINT tools for information gathering and analysis. Many of shocking revelations have been done by his group Hacks and Security via the information gathered from Darknet Analysis or other undisclosed mediums and all the information was later found to be factually correct. In fact, in many arguments on social media especially twitter you will find Sunny correcting others over their Darknet related claims and later you will find him to be damned correct with his facts and analysis. Sunny even challenged French Hacker Robert Baptiste aka Elliot Alderson on Robert’s data breach claims related to Aadhaar, Aarogya Setu, Digilocker etc. and interestingly Robert deleted his tweets after he failed to counter Sunny. The same can be seen on his YouTube channel Hacks and Security where he can be seen removing tech misconceptions and correcting the facts, something his channel is well known for.

Now the main thing that makes Nehra special is his excellent depth level understanding of the topics and clarity of the concept behind everything he talks or writes about. This is the main reason why tech enthusiasts love to watch his videos and read his blogs, social media posts and answers on forums. When one has to go out-of-the-box and test things he has to have a very sharp understanding of the core design and implementations in order to achieve results. Most of bug hunters merely bother about trying out some well-known tricks and common codes but don’t bother to develop their understanding level and so get very limited in their testing skills, which isn’t the case with Sunny.

Sunny Nehra discovered the fact that drugs selling forums were hosted on hacked UP Vidhan Sabha and other government website, he is the one who found the news channels whose streaming access was hacked by Pak hackers, his group Hacks and Security was behind the record-breaking massive hack of top Pak govt websites, he is the one who explained and provided insight of latest unseen malwares, found the Command and Control servers of many such malwares and even tracked down the affected victims and so much other extra ordinary unique work making him the best in the cyber community.

There is no other such person in the entire InfoSec community who is so much versatile, who masters in so many different domains of IT, who has such level of vast knowledge, experience, understanding and skill set. Undoubtedly, Sunny Nehra is the best ethical hacker one can find.

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