Whatever happens, happens for good: Padma Shri Kailash Kher

21 July, 2021 | newsx bureau

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Singer and music composer Kailash Kher, best known for his prolific music performances, recently joined NewsX for a candid chat as part of NewsX India A-List.

Kailash Kher recently joined NewsX for a candid and musical chat as a part of its special series, NewsX India A-List, wherein he got recognised for excellence as an Indian Entertainment Icon. In the exclusive chat, the prolific singer spoke to us about his latest song on Jagannath Rath Yatra, his devotion and faith towards Lord Shiv and a lot more. Read excerpts:

Talking about his newly-released song on Lord Jagannath, he said, “We at Kailasa Entertainment Pvt. Ltd, through this medium try to create a rendition like this on every Indian festival. In the 15 years of my career, God has made me realise that we should share the valuable things from our rich heritage. This is my responsibility. Our heritage remains, even if we don’t.  Sambit Patra is my friend and we keep interacting frequently. I told him that we would also make you sing one day. The occasion of Jagannath Yatra is coming. On 4th July, we were talking regularly and that’s when I pitched this idea to him and he accepted it. He came on my birthday, i.e., 7th July. We recorded this song the entire day. In just 4 days, we were ready with this miracle. Today, this song is out there for the entire world to listen and people are praising it a lot.”

Following this, he melodiously sang some lines from the song and added, “We have urged the devotees of Jagannath to offer their prayers from where they are because this time our country is going through a tough phase. We should rather pray for the Earth to pass this challenging phase.”

He further expressed his devotion for Lord Shiva and Kanwar Yatra and said, “Kanwar Shravan Kumar is a symbol of devotion because Shravan Kumar took his parents to the Chaar Dhaam Yatra and offered the holy Ganga Jal in a Lord Shiv temple. In lieu of this tradition, many people now take items of devotion, along with Ganga Jal, which they offer in temples. This happens on a massive scale because India is huge but, if Kanwar Yatra is not happening this year, then it is good news (given the COVID situation). We strongly believe in Lord Shiv and have strong devotion towards him. We live by his name. I have a much hit song in my Kailasa album, which has become a sort of an anthem for Kanwar and Shravan Kumars. They complete their entire trip while listening to that song.”

Talking about the  audience’s response on his show ‘Indian Pro Music League’, he said, “This was a very unique show, that’s why people loved and praised it a lot. The reactions that came in were very good, saying that ‘Wow, it’s a beautiful concept’. A show like this, featuring emerging artists with established artists as not just contestants but sitting on the judge’s seat for a day, was very amazing and different.”

Sharing his thoughts on how manages to remain positive level even amid such trying times, he said, “I strongly believe in the power of God. The law of the nature is not within our hands.  If you completely surrender and devote yourself then whatever happens, will happen for good. Everything happens for good, so why not stay cautious a little and not try to take things, which are not in our control, in our control. If you can do something, then do truthful work and good work. Help someone genuinely because your instinct is your God.” The session ended with Kailash Kher singing his one of the most popular songs, ‘Allah Ke Bande Has De.’