WhatsApp introduces Channels: Know about its uses and features

20 June, 2023 | Mohamed Punnilath

whatsapp working on a new channel feature 1 National

WhatsApp's upcoming feature, Channels, is bound to prove helpful to businesses, organizations, and individuals with a one-way communication platform to broadcast to a vast audience.

WhatsApp, the global leader in instant messaging, is set to introduce an innovative feature called WhatsApp Channels, which can revolutionize the way information is shared, by providing a powerful platform for one-way communication to reach a wide audience. With WhatsApp Channels, admins can deliver messages directly to their followers, eliminating the noise of excessive replies. This efficient communication approach will make sure that important information is conveyed clearly and without distractions.

Features :

I. The potential reach of WhatsApp Channels can accommodate up to 2 million followers per channel. This feature is invaluable for businesses, organizations, and individuals seeking to engage large customer bases, members, or enthusiasts.

II. To enhance discoverability, WhatsApp Channels will be integrated into a searchable directory. Users can effortlessly find channels aligned with their interests, whether it’s the latest product releases, supporting a cause, or immersing themselves in creative content.

III. Administrative controls empower channel admins, allowing them to manage followers and customize channel settings. This ensures that messages reach the intended audience and maintain the relevance of the content.

The programme is currently undergoing beta testing and is expected to be available to all users
soon. Businesses can utilize Channels to relay updates, announce products, and provide customer support. Organizations can engage with members, volunteers, and donors, sharing news, seeking contributions, and recruiting support. Individuals like writers and photographers can showcase their work and share unique perspectives.

WhatsApp Channels revolutionize communication, offering an unusual way to broadcast information to a large audience. As this feature rolls out globally, businesses, organizations, and individuals can look forward to an enhanced ability to connect, capture, and inspire on a global scale.