Tuesday, November 28, 2023

White House: Biden Plans to Request Budget from Congress to Aid Israel

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The White House confirmed on Friday that President Joe Biden is set to submit an urgent budget request to Congress. The request aims to secure funding for both America’s national security needs and support for critical partners, particularly Israel and Ukraine.

This announcement follows President Biden’s recent call for substantial aid to Israel and Ukraine, which was accompanied by a strong denunciation of the increasing instances of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia within the United States. President Biden delivered these remarks during a prime-time address on Thursday, following his visit to Israel amid ongoing conflict.

In his address from the Oval Office, President Biden stressed the importance of assisting Israel in its response to Hamas terrorist attacks and providing ongoing support to Ukraine as it confronts Russian aggression. He emphasized that this budget request is a strategic investment in American security, which will yield long-term benefits for generations to come.

President Biden also made a clear and unequivocal statement against anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, expressing solidarity with those affected by these forms of discrimination and reinforcing their status as valued members of the American community.

The President underscored the connection between the conflicts in Israel and Ukraine and American national security interests. He argued that providing support to both nations, Israel in its battle against Hamas and Ukraine in its resistance to Russian forces, is a wise investment that will safeguard American troops, contribute to a safer, more peaceful world, and promote prosperity for future generations.

President Biden drew parallels between the goals of Hamas and Russian President Vladimir Putin, noting their shared objective of undermining neighboring democracies. He argued that history has demonstrated the consequences of failing to hold terrorists and dictators accountable for their actions, which include increased chaos, debt, and destruction, leading to greater threats to America and the world.

The President’s call for support came after his visit to Tel Aviv, during which he pledged unwavering support for Israel and successfully advocated for the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza.

While President Biden’s team prepares to send a substantial foreign aid package to Capitol Hill, it faces challenges within a divided and leaderless House of Representatives. The House remains without a Speaker since the removal of Kevin McCarthy more than two weeks ago, as Republicans have struggled to reach a consensus on a successor, leaving the chamber in a state of disarray.

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