Saturday, December 2, 2023

White House: Joe Biden would be disappointed if Taliban ruled Afghanistan

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The White House has said that US President Joe Biden would not be okay if the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, and it further underlined that the discussions over the process of the next steps that would ensure peace in the war-torn region are also underway.

The US and the Taliban had reached a consensus in February 2020 which called for a permanent ceasefire and peace negotiations between the Afghan and the Taliban government. In the agreement, withdrawal of foreign forces was to be done by May 1.  Currently, there are 2500 US troops in the country. The Taliban had their ouster entirely at the hands of the US-led troops in the regions of Afghanistan in 2001. White House Press Secretary stated that the US President would not be okay with the Taliban ruling Afghanistan.

John Kirby, Pentagon Press Secretary in a separate statement, underlined thaT Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has constantly been carrying out interactions with the Afghan partners about the ongoing review procedure and how would they be going forward with the same. He asserted that the US is mindful of looming deadlines and everybody shares the sense of alacrity when it comes to working out the way through the review process but this has to be done in a thoughtful and deliberate way to ensure that the decisions that are made serve the country and its allies well.

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During a congressional hearing, former Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, General (Retd.) Joseph F Dunford told the lawmakers that The Taliban gets its funding from the drug trade. he also mentioned that The Taliban has its sanctuary in Pakistan and blamed countries like Iran to have provided the group with material support. He further added that the threat has reduced to a certain level because of the US-trained Afghan forces and the continued presence of the US military in the region.

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