‘Who were those who toppled the elected governments 90 times?’ PM Modi spoke on misuse of Article 356

9 February, 2023 | Amish Mahajan

PM in Rajya sabha National

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday targeted Congress and said its leader Indira Gandhi had scored a half-century in dismissing elected governments.

Like the Lok Sabha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has attacked the Congress fiercely in the Rajya Sabha today. He had accused Congress that Article 356 of the Constitution was misused 90 times in the states to topple the governments of the opposition parties when it was in power. He said that former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi alone did the work of toppling the elected governments of the states 50 times. PM Modi tried to remind the MPs of the Left parties and DMK how the governments of Tamil Nadu and Kerala were toppled during the Congress era.

Responding to the motion of thanks on the President’s address in the Rajya Sabha, even today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was very aggressive on Congress. However, during this time, some opposition MPs continued to raise slogans against the government regarding the Adani issue. But, PM Modi left no stone unturned to show the mirror to the opposition. PM Modi told in the House how Congress governments toppled the elected governments in the states.

Prime Minister Modi said, “Those sitting in the opposition today had torn apart the rights of the states…Who were those in power who misused Article 356 the most…..90 times toppled the elected governments… who was the one who did it? A prime minister used Article 356 50 times… made it half a century….. that name is Mrs Indira Gandhi.