Monday, December 11, 2023

‘Will pay all taxes in UK’: Akshara Murthy amid tax evasion row

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Amid the controversy over her non-domiciled status, Akshara Murthy, daughter of Infosys founder Narayan Murthy, on Saturday announced that she would start paying tax on her foreign income, stating that she does not want her tax status to be a distraction for her husband or to affect her family.

Akshara, who is not legally bound to pay taxes on her overseas income in the UK, took to Twitter to clarify that she has paid domestic tax over her UK income and international tax over her international income.

Clarifying that such an arrangement is entirely legal, Akshara added that the arrangement does not seem compatible with her husband’s role as Chancellor and will no longer claim the remittance basis for tax. She expressed that she will be doing this of her own volition and not because the rules require her to.

Despite what seems like a clear case of racism, Akshara described UK as a wonderful country and expressed that since arriving in UK, she has been made to feel more than welcome than she ever could have imagined in both London and her home in North Yorkshire.

As per Infosys disclosure of stock exchanges, Akshara’s shares in Infosys are worth 430 million pounds. The Daily Mail, while quoting the Sunday Times Rich List, has claimed that this makes Murthy richer than the queen.

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