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With these conditions, Ashok Gehlot ready to leave CM Post, may be nominated after meeting Sonia

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In Rajasthan, another Chief Minister can take oath in place of Ashok Gehlot. It has been told by quoting sources that Gehlot has agreed to leave the post of CM. If another meaning is taken from this, then Ashok Gehlot can be the next Congress President. Earlier, Ashok Gehlot’s close friends had started a rebellion in Rajasthan, when the matter of making Sachin Pilot the Chief Minister came to the fore, many MLAs supporting Gehlot resigned.

meeting with sonia gandhi
Ashok Gehlot is going to meet Sonia Gandhi today. After this meeting, they can file nominations. According to sources, a big condition will be placed from Gehlot’s side for this. Gehlot wants that only one of the 102 MLAs trusted by him should be made the chief minister. Gehlot is not ready at any cost to make Sachin Pilot the CM. That is, if the high command seals the name of Sachin Pilot, then there can be a revolt in Rajasthan.

Sonia Gandhi will take final decision
Now Sonia Gandhi has to decide whether she wants to keep Ashok Gehlot in the race for the post of President or not. According to sources, Gehlot is one of the closest leaders of the Gandhi family, so there is little hope that any major action will be taken against him, but the Congress’s troubles may increase with Gehlot’s condition. Because the supporters of Sachin Pilot are constantly demanding that he should be given the responsibility. In such a situation, if someone close to Gehlot is given the chair of CM, then there can be a ruckus in the Rajasthan Congress. Pilot is already angry, so now the party will not want to disappoint him under any circumstances.

At present, everyone is waiting for the decision of Sonia Gandhi. Sonia also has to take a decision on those MLAs and ministers who tried to foment rebellion in Rajasthan. Regarding this, senior party leaders had submitted a report to Sonia and talked of strict action against those close to Gehlot.

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