Monday, December 11, 2023

Woman dies after molester allegedly throws her out of train

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A man is accused of throwing a woman out of a moving train, which resulted in her death. The incident came in highlight on Saturday as victim was travelling from Rohtak to Tohana.

The accused got on the train and made an attempt to molest her. She resisted a man who was attempting to molest her, according to the police, and that’s when the event happened. He shoved her during this, causing her to fall off the train.

SP of Fatehabad Aastha Modi stated, “When a 30-year-old lady apparently fought off a guy who was trying to molest her, she was allegedly tossed out of the moving train and died. She was pushed by him, and she fell. The victim and her kid were travelling from Rohtak to Tohana. Midway through the train, the accused entered and made advances toward her.”

When the boy got off at Tohana, he told his father, and the next morning, they discovered her corpse.

After her husband reported the event to the police, the culprit was taken into custody.

SP Aastha Modi further stated, “The accused was hurt after jumping from the train. At Tohana, the young passenger informed his father. Around 4 am, his father went looking for his wife and discovered her body. He then let the police know. The culprit was subsequently apprehended by Government Railways Police, and further legal action is being taken.”

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