Vasant Vihar’s Triple Suicide Case: Suicide note marks warning of “too much poisonous gas”

22 May, 2022 | Pravina Srivastava

Before they died, the deceased's family had taped a letter to the wall. The letter reads 'Too much poisonous gas.'

A shocking story of mass suicide has surfaced in Delhi’s Vasant Vihar neighbourhood. A mother and her two daughters killed themselves in their own home. This incident has horrified the public. Manju was the mother’s name, while Anshika and Anku were the daughters’ names.

Vasant Apartment house number 207 in Vasant Vihar is at the centre of the situation. The flat’s windows and doors were all locked from the inside.

When the cops opened the doors, they discovered a slightly open gas cylinder. Three tiny rings were also discovered. All three are thought to have died of suffocation. Suicide note was also discovered.

Before they died, the deceased’s family had taped a letter to the wall. The letter reads ‘Too much poisonous gas’.

The letter further stated that after opening the door, do not ignite matches or lighters since the house is filled with a highly toxic gas.

The suicide note marked as an advice. It’s been said that the goal of the note was to ensure that no one was injured or killed as a result of the gas in the room.

According to reports, the house’s head died of corona in April 2021. The family had been depressed since then. Manju (wife of the head) was sick and had to stay in bed.

However, the reports states that there were two flats at Vasant Apartments on the ground floor in the name of the deceased family. In flat 207, all three members of the family lived together. The second flat was rented, although it had fallen vacant a few months ago.

The dead family’s head was a Chartered Accountant (CA). Following his death, the family’s situation began to deteriorate.

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