Saturday, December 9, 2023

Won’t tolerate alleged ‘attacks’ on migrants: Bihar Deputy CM Tejashwi Yadav

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Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav said on Sunday that the governments of Bihar and Tamil Nadu will not tolerate alleged “attacks” on migrant labourers and urged the Centre to take action to resolve the issue.

“The Bihar government is serious in this matter. Hence, a team has been sent to Tamil Nadu. Both Bihar and Tamil Nadu governments will not tolerate this,” said Yadav while speaking to media persons. The Deputy Chief Minister further said that the Bihar government has sent a team to find the truth.

“A newspaper has reported that the Bihar BJP chief called the Tamil Nadu BJP chief who told him that no such incident has taken place in Tamil Nadu. Our government has sent a team to find the truth. Some districts in TN have issued helpline numbers for migrant workers,” he said on migrant workers issue.

“Can you see any concern from the Government of India in this matter? GoI should take steps to resolve this matter between the two states,” Yadav added.

Meanwhile, the Tamil Nadu Police and Tiruppur administration met with representatives of business and industry associations, as well as migrant workers, to discuss alleged attacks on migrants.

KM Subramanian, Tiruppur Exporters’ Association said that there are good relations between local and migrant labourers.

“Today, we have a meeting with a high-level committee on the migrant labourers’ issue. Fake news is being spread on social media by some people. There are good relations between local & migrant labourers,” said Subramanian.

Addressing a press conference after the meeting, Balamurugan, IAS, Secretary, Rural Development Department, Bihar, in Tiruppur said that Tamil Nadu and Bihar governments taking all efforts for the safety of migrant workers here.”We are talking to migrant workers, and also in touch with labour contractors here. You should not pay heed to rumours and fake videos. TN & Bihar governments taking all efforts for the safety of migrant workers here,” said Balamurugan.

In the midst of rumours of alleged attacks, the Tamil Nadu Bihar Association met with migrant workers in Chennai.

“I am living safely here. Videos circulating on social media are fake. My family back home has been concerned about my safety ever since the news started circulating but I have reassured them about my safety,” said Santosh Kumar, a migrant worker from Bihar in Chennai.

The police have arrested Tamil Nadu Bharatiya Janata Party chief K Annamalai on charges of inciting violence and promoting enmity between groups, a day after he held the ruling DMK party responsible for the ongoing uproar over alleged attacks on migrant labourers in the state.

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