MECCA: The annual Haj pilgrimage would continue despite the tragic incident of a crane, crashing the Grand mosque in Mecca, Saudi authorities told on Saturday.
The fatal incident took place on September 11, taking 107 lives and, and causing utter property damage. 
Thousands of pilgrims have already arrived in Mecca for the Haj, which is expected to start on September 21. A Saudi official confirmed the same saying, “It definitely will not affect the Haj this season and the affected part will probably be fixed in a few days.”
Irfan al-Alawi, co-founder of the Mecca-based Islamic Heritage Research Foundation, was deeply annoyed with the incident and blamed the authorities for being negligent. (Also Read: BREAKING NEWS: 65 dead as crane collapses in Mecca)
He felt that the authorities acted irresponsibly by having a series of cranes overlooking the mosque. Neither did they care about the heritage nor about the safety measures. 
The reason behind the crane collapse was that due to strong winds and rains. 
In fact, more strong winds and rains were forecast for Saturday.