Abu Dhabi: Police have arrested six men accused of stealing and trying to sell three cars, two of which were owned by Indians, a media report said.
According to Abdullah Matroushi, director of criminal investigation department, they received a tip-off that someone intended to sell three cars – Peugeot, Nissan and Chevrolet Camaro models – without documents, Khaleej Times reported on Monday.
The police later confirmed that they have arrested an accused who told the police about five other men indulging in this activity. They were nabbed later.
The accused said the cars he tried to sell did not have any legal documents and he stole two of them from two Indian women who were out on a vacation.
Another man, the owner of the third car, was later held for colluding with the accused to sell his vehicle without the required documents, the report said.
The police urged people not to buy vehicles without the required legal documents as buying such vehicles would invite legal action against them.