NEPAL: Nepal adopted its new constitution on Sunday, which aims at strengthening its change from a Hindu monarchy to a secular federal democracy. 
It is a historic step for a nation that has witnessed war, massacre and destructive earthquakes since the very beginning when it dreamt of forming itself as a modern nation 65 years ago.  
Nepal PM Sushil Koirala, felt extremely elated on having reached this point. The constitution talks about the creation of seven states in a secular, federal system and addresses the demands and aspirations of all segments of the Nepali society. 
India and China, Nepal’s strong and powerful neighbours are happy with the decision and are eager to see its stability, growth and development.
The constitution is still opposed by a few who wanted to it to re-establish itself as a Hindu nation. Also, the Madhesi community is demanding a separate state for itself in the country, which is also one of the reasons of protest. More than 40 protesters and police died in the clash. 
But amid the protests and the clashes, Nepal has finally achieved success in adopting for itself a new constitution, which it had been striving for almost more than a decade.
Monarchy has ended and Nepal is finally a secular state. 

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