Damascus: An online video has emerged showing 10 men accused of homosexuality being executed by jihadis in Syria, the media reported on Tuesday
The video shows six victims kneeling and surrounded by a group of masked gunmen in al-Rastan region, EFE news reported.
According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), one of the masked men read a statement explaining that the defendants had been sentenced to death by the “Supreme Court of Homs and its outskirts” after confessing to committing homosexual acts and drug addiction.
Then the six men were shot by their executioners.
The SOHR explained that a seventh man was executed on the same charges in the area of al-Zafarana in the north of Homs province.
SOHR said that in northern Aleppo, three other suspected homosexuals, which included a child, were killed after being convicted by a “court” established by jihadis in the area.