MECCA: An unfortunate incident has occurred with a stampede being aroused during Haj in Mecca. Earlier the Crane incident and now, this stampede has together lead to a loss of many lives.
Reportedly, 717 people have died and 863 have been injured. The good part is that immediate helplines have been opened and the injured are being rushed to the hospitals. (Also Read: 65 dead as crane collapses in Mecca)
Lakhs of people from India go for the Haj every year and so it is possible that out of the number dead, many must be Indians. (Also Read: Haj to go ahead, will not be affected by the Grand Mosque incident)
The stampede occurred during the ‘Stone Pelting’ ritual. Instructions are written in more than 15 languages but the fact that many of the pilgrims that come are illiterates and thus, they don’t understand the instructions which, then ends up in such stampedes.  
Around 1,50,000 Indians had gone for Haj this year. So far, 2 Indians have been killed and 21 have been injured.
Minority Minister, Najma Heptuallah, expressed his grief, “It is a very unfortunate accident,”while speaking to NewsX.

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