NEPAL: Prakash Man Singh, Deputy Prime Minister, who led Nepal’s delegation to the United Nations General Assembly, held talks with Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary, and during which, the issue of violation of transit rights from India’s side was also figured.
Nepal appealed to the international community to ensure that the Freedom of Transit of land-locked countries is not trimmed.
Nepal’s Prime Minister, Sushil Koirala on Friday urged India to resume the delivery of essential goods and services and not to violate its transit rights.
Koirala told that the country is facing a difficult situation due to disruption of imports for the last 50 days.
Whereas, India, on the other side, has been rejecting Nepal’s claim, stating that the disturbance is caused due to the protests by the Madhesi community at the Nepali side of border, due to which, freight operators and cargo have not been able to enter Nepal.
Anju Ranjan, Indian Consulate General told, “No blockade from Nepal, misinformation being spread in Nepal. It’s a Madhesi protest.” 
According to sources, Nepal is facing acute shortage of Petroleum, Diesel and LPG. If reports are to be believed, the quantity left is only enough to suffice the demand for four more days.
The UN Secretary expressed his views over the obstruction of essential supplies and the difficulties faced by Nepal due to this obstruction.