Tokyo: Offering selfie lovers more reason to cheer, a popular beverage company in Japan is now rolling out vending machines that offer the consumers an opportunity to take a hassle-free selfie as they buy goods from the machine, media reports said.
Fitted with a large LCD display and camera, the machine will allow consumers to take a free selfie which will then be connected with Line, a hugely popular messaging app in Asia.
To help tourists in Japan take advantage of the new feature, there will also be English, Chinese, and Korean interface options in the machines, Japan Trends reported.
Vending machines are immensely popular in Japan as they offer a wide variety of products — from food and drinks to toys and used panties, the report said.
While the machines will allow consumers to take a selfie with a variety of backgrounds at the time of buying a drink, those who are not so enthusiastic can avoid utilising the feature.

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