Buenos Aires: Countries like India have from years now been trying to do away with child marriages but recently a 14-year-old boy from Argentina has been in the news for becoming a father at the tender age of 14. 
In India where we try and hide such news going public, Lucia Desiree Pastenez (29), mother of the young father, is announcing this news openly in the media. 
“I did not force them to get married or to stay together. The mother of my grandchild lives with her family and he lives with me.” Pastenez stated. “We won’t stop supporting him, because we know how hard it is to go through this experience in adolescence,” said the 29-year-old grandmother, who added that she had advised her son not to become a teenage father.
But the young father continues to attend secondary school. “There are older fathers that do not take responsibility and abandon their babies,” Pastenez was quoted as saying. 
In India we have laws for child marriage. Understanding the importance and responsibility towards sex, marriage and child birth, the marriageable ages have been fixed at 18 for girls and 21 for boys. But it’s an altogether different scenario in countries like Argentina, where the minimum age of consent is 13 regardless of gender or sexual orientation. 

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