Turkey: Not even within the 48 hours of the brutal and gruesome Paris attacks that took more than 120 lives and injured more than 300 people, another similar attack has taken place at the G-20 venue, Turkey.
The attack has been made near the G-20 venue where the top brass of the G-20 nations are assembling for the Summit. The brass includes our Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well.
The subject of the Summit is also terrorism and worldwide ISIS threat.
An IS Jihadist is reported to have blown himself up injuring four policemen. 
So far, no report of any casualty has been reported. 
Earlier today, it was reported that French President Francois Hollande has cancelled his participation on the G-20 Summit. 
Turkey has been a victim of such attacks in the past as well. In October itself, around 95 people were killed and around 250 wounded in the deadliest terror attack in Turkey after two explosions targeted a peace rally in the centre of the capital, Ankara. 

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