New York: A famous app called “Most Used Words on Facebook” has been shared thousands of times but it may be stealing the information of those who use it, said a media report.
The viral app is hoovering up all of people’s personal information and is able to sell it on to whoever it wants.
The app pulls information from users’ statuses and finds the words that they have used the most, assembling them into a picture that shows the most common ones largest.
“When a user clicks on that post, they will see a quick page offering the option to grant access to their profile so that the app can see what they have posted and analysed,” the report added.
But when the app requests access to your Facebook profile, it also requires that people allow it to hoover up private information from the users’ accounts.
The information also includes data about a person’s friends and all of the photos that one is tagged in.
The app’s terms of service state that all of the information it takes will continue to be stored even if you shut your account. It also points out that the information could be stored on any of the servers, at any location.
Once it has sold that data on, it gives no protection for how it is used, added the report.