Madrid: The Spanish interior ministry on Saturday said three people were arrested in an operation against a recruitment network for the Islamic State (IS) in the country.
Two Moroccan men aged 32 and 42 were arrested in Barcelona, while a 24-year-old woman was detained in the nearby town of Granollers, accused of publishing extremist material online with the aim of attracting recruits for IS, Xinhua news agency reported.
The woman was thought to be Spanish by birth, but had undergone a process of radicalisation and was preparing to join the militants in Syria.
All three were arrested by Spanish Civil Guards and investigations continue as police try to discover the extent of the recruitment network.
This is the second operation against an IS recruitment network following the November 13 attacks in Paris which claimed 130 lives. 
Earlier this week a Moroccan man was detained for threatening to plant bombs in Madrid and Barcelona and for attempting to recruit for the militants inside Segovia prison, where he was serving a sentence for domestic violence.
Saturday’s operation brought the total number of people arrested in Spain for being part of militants’ recruitment networks in 2015 to 68.