Abu Dhabi: A Dubai trial court has awarded seven years’ imprisonment to an Indian worker for killing his roommate, a media report said on Monday.
The Dubai Court of First Instance also ordered his deportation at the end of his jail-term.
The 29-year-old Indian worker had a heated argument over switching on the light on April 9. The argument soon turned into a physical fight and the Indian worker stabbed his roommate multiple times causing his death, said a media report.
An Indian driver, a witness in the case, said he came to know about the fight in Jebel Ali town of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from another worker.
“I learnt that they fought after the defendant turned off the light and the victim turned it on again several times. They were engaged in a physical fight before the accused stabbed the victim. The accused was not injured,” said the witness.
“I entered the room and saw the victim spitting blood,” he added.
The driver called the ambulance but by the time the paramedics arrived, the victim had already died.