March is considered to be the ‘Black Month’ in Balochistan by Baloch activists, suggest reports. Going by the history of Balochistan, it is to be noted that in two separate occasions, Balochistan was first invaded and then bombarded in March.

“On 27 March 1948 Pakistan invaded Balochistan and coerced the Baloch ruler to sign a so-called ‘accession treaty’ after the Baloch Parliament had rejected the offer to join Pakistan on the basis of shared religion,” stated Ashraf Sherjan, President of the Baloch Republican Party (BRP) – a democratic and secular organization that aims to repel Pakistani occupation and regain sovereignty in Balochistan in an international media report.

The second incident was reported in 2005 on March 17 when the Pakistani paramilitary forces bombarded the entire city of Dera Bugti which killed over 70 people including a large number of children and women. 

The Baloch activists continue their efforts to urge the rights groups and the international community to give focus to the circumstances of people living in the Balochistan region, western Pakistan.

Believing some members of the BRP, some Baloch people are mistreated, abducted and increasingly killed by Pakistani security agencies and the Pakistani Army.

In his narration to the IBTimes report, Sherjan added, “Since Balochistan was forcefully occupied by Pakistan, Baloch people have been living as guests of death. It has never been considered, even outside Pakistan, that Balochistan belongs to the Baloch people who are now haunted. Baloch leaders are being deliberately assassinated by the occupying state of Pakistan for demanding rights to their own land.”

The BRP President then gave an example of a Baloch leader Shaheed Nawab Akbar Bugti attacked and killed in 2006 along with his tribesmen. 

The death of the leader created in a rage where people in large number including students from Balochistan University were on streets protesting against it and sparked fears that the then Prime Minister of Pakistan Parevz Musharraf would be the target in retaliation. 

According to Sherjan, the strategy of kidnapping and killing Baloch people even continues today.

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