Rio de Janeiro: The city of Rio de Janeiro closes 2015 with 95 percent of the work at the Olympic Park concluded, according to a press release published by Rio city hall.
In Barra da Tijuca, where the Olympic Park is, and at the Deodoro Sports Complex, six venues are already concluded and another eight reached 90 percent or more of its execution, Xinhua cited the statement as saying on Friday.
The most recent to reach this stage was the Tennis Centre, which received the last test-event of the year — the first in the Olympic Park — and had its main court inaugurated.
The Tennis Centre reached its 90 percent all over the complex, which has 16 courts.
The six cocluded venues are: Arena of the Future (handball and goalball), the International Broadcast Centre (IBC), the Golf Course, the Mountain Bike Centre, the BMX Centre and the Whitewater Stadium.
Those last three are part of the X-Park in Deodoro, one of the most important venues of the social legacy, in one of the less well-off regions in the city.  

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