London: British schools must monitor students’ access to the internet as part of a government programme to prevent radicalisation among adolescents, Education Minister Nicky Morgan has said.
There is growing concern about instances of young people who have left their homes in Britain to travel to Syria and join the Islamic State group. According to Morgan, in some cases, students accessed information about IS using the web at their schools.
As part of the plan, schools will monitor use by children and teach them to use the Internet safely, according to the education ministry. These plans are part of a comprehensive program of measures for education, which also includes the fight against harassment via the web and online pornography.
“As a parent, I’ve seen just what an important role the Internet can play in children’s education. “But it can also bring risks, which is why we must do everything we can to help children stay safe online – at school and at home,” Morgan said.
Last February, three teenagers from east London traveled to Istanbul with the intention of going to Syria to join IS.

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