Havana: Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said further improvement in ties with Washington depends on the end of the more than 50-year-old US embargo.

“The world understands that although the US-Cuba dialogue and cooperation have advanced, the blockade remains the same,” a report quoted Rodriguez as saying on Monday.

The minister also said the current Cuba policy debate at the US Congress shows an inner struggle in Washington as the US sanctions against Havana had “suffered terrible international isolation”.

“The unbearable nature of the blockade and the impossible continuation of excluding Cuba from the Summit of the Americas have convinced the American financial sector, which is the real ruler in that country, that the policy toward Cuba must change,” he said.

At the same time, most Americans support a rational policy of reciprocity, and are respectful of Cuba’s sovereignty and independence, added Rodriguez.

The foreign minister also expects further improvement of Cuba’s relations with the European Union. He expressed the hope that the recent climate change agreement reached in Paris and the UN Agenda of Development 2030 will lead to changes in world order.

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